About Nepal CCM

Since 2002, Nepal Country Coordinating Mechanism or Nepal CCM as it is popularly known has been established as a central pillar of the Global Funds (TGF) architecture to insure country-driven, coordinated and multi-sector processes for leveraging and effecting additional resources to reduce morbidity and mortality from HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria.

As envisioned we are an independent entity that is closely guided by the Global Fund on structure and functions. As the cornerstone of our philosophy, we bring together multiple stakeholders to collectively identify Nepal’s needs, be responsible for developing and submitting grant proposals, nominate the grantee (s) or Principal Recipients and oversee implementation of Global Fund-supported projects.

Nepal CCM is a revolutionary concept in health financing. Our 33 members are as diverse as our programmes and what defines us is our partnership. The experience of rapid scale up in the prevention of the three diseases shows that active constituency engagement is key to success of wide scale health delivery. The members bring urgency to resource mobilization and planning, inform proposal development and give voice to vulnerable populations; providing a unique and important perspective in the delivery of community-based services by holding each other accountable for concrete results.

Our Work

Organization Structure

CCM Nepal has an executive Committee composed of 33 voting members representing different sectors and constituencies; Government of Nepal (GoN), civil society/NGOs working in HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria, people living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria; community organizations; the private sector; professional associations; research institutes, universities, media and international agencies including multilateral or bilateral agencies, international donors and international NGOs.

The Executive Secretary of the CCM Secretariat, each organisation serving as PR for a Global Fund grant, Local Funding Agent (LFA) of GFATMR, representative of Management Support Agency (MSA) are non-voting members of the CCM.. The CCM may award non-voting membership to one or more organisations serving as SRs for Global Fund grants. Any organisation that the CCM deems appropriate can be a non- voting member. Decision to award non-voting membership to organisations requires a simple majority vote of CCM.

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